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losarchivosdelcuerpo[bodyfiles] at huret & spector gallery

All of last week I worked on the installation of my project losarchivosdelcuerpo at Huret & Spector Gallery at Emerson College. It is the most expanded exhibition of the project to date, which was first exhibited at Arte Nuevo Interactiva in 2013. This exhibition was made possible at Emerson because of a student-run event, The New England Graduate Media Symposium, which happened all day on Friday and featured some really terrific film and videomakers in conversation. The gallery is designed for media, so the collected works, including video, film transferred to video, photographs, documents on overhead projectors, are resonating with each in completely unexpected and altogether transformative and evocative ways. The project is a collective work that began with a tumblr site alongside my active process of inviting and collecting work by artists and writers – whether self-identified as that or not – who are interesting in thinking alongside the questions the projects poses about the archives of the body – what our bodies might know that is not yet codified and articulated, and whether this knowledge constitutes spaces of possibility for imagining future freedoms and collectivities. The exhibition itself, in this space, walks the line somewhere between an archive, research space, and art exhibition. I’m super interested in understanding how viewers-activators-readers engage with the space and what questions you have – let me know!  As part of the project, I did a workshop with students from Emerson last Thursday, and led them in a reflection on various ways of thinking about our body knowledge. This workshop, was in turn, a version of a workshop that I did at the andandand space at Documenta 13. How is your body gendered? To what race does it belong? If your body could speak without words, what would it say? These and many other questions produce a sense of critique of the codes that we normatively use to understand or identify our bodies, and even nudging them slightly produces lots of conversation. In this instance, the reflection motivated several of the students to produce a performative projection piece that they shared in the exhibition space on Friday night. They wrote together a series of reflections and narratives about silence and the coerciveness of space on black leader. Then projected this black leader as a collectively held loop. Audience members could approach the leader and read its contents; the projection itself was black. The idea of the silence that could speak; the lack of light that illuminated; the collective construction of a filmic text; all of this was legible and poignant in their beautiful work. You can see it on Samira Norouz-Nasseri’s instagram feed. I’ll be posting more on the exhibition, as I want to create a more thorough conversation with each one of the pieces than I have yet been able to on the tumblr feed. In the meantime, ginormous shouts out to all of the contributors, and the many, known and unknown, who have posted or reblogged from the tumblr.