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Announcement: Institute of (im)Possible Subjects: Migratory Times

Institute of (Im)possible Subjects

The Institute of (im)Possible Subjects (IiS) is a transnational feminist collective of artists, writers, and researchers.

We are pleased to announce Migratory Times, a global art, research, and education initiative that will be our focus in 2016 and 2017.

We are recipients of an inaugural Abundance Foundation Out of Eden Community Arts Fellowship in support of the project’s launch.

We are working closely with collaborators globally, with primary nodes in S. Korea, the Philippines, and Colombia, engaging in translocal conversations on questions of global migrations, gender, and the politics of movement. Each of these nodes will host, in overlapping sequence, a series of exhibitions, screenings, educational events, and art and media production workshops. The main events, held outside of metropolitan centers, will emerge from research groups and learning circles engaging the experience of migrants and refugees in the different localities; the temporalities of migration; the geo-politics of human migration; and…

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Sharing this gorgeous contribution by Annie Fukushima from my new project 24 hour social studies! Visit at!


by Annie Isabel Fukushima

Here is a lecture I gave drawing upon Mae Ngai’s work, “Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America” – “What is an American? Genocide, Relocation, Citizenship and Making of the ‘Illegal’“ (September 23, 2016) at the University of Utah. The class: 100 students, majority students of color with many who have migrant narratives in their own histories and/or their family histories. It was important that we had a conversation about the making of the term “illegal.” Ngai’s work has been seminal for understanding the legal construction of citizenship and the “illegal.“

During the election period, living in a conservative state, where migrant communities are an integral part of the Utah context, discussing migration is ever important.

Lessons learned:

1. The term “illegal” has so much history, that even when you trouble it for students, they may still find it challenging…

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Join us! Alongside the Institute of (im)Possible Subjects’ year long “Migratory Times” art and research project, we announce our next flashread of the introduction to Mae Ngai’s book “Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America.” Our namesake!

From 12 a.m February 17 to 20 in your time zone, join us in reading the text and posting responses to this tumblr. Responses can be submitted using the submit button. The reading is posted on the tumblr. Welcome to the conversation!