Happy new year! I’m re-blogging this from The Institute of (Im)Possible Subjects tumblr site. We are super excited to announce a public “flashread” of this text by Stefano Harvey and Fred Moten, The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study.

This is the first of many future “flashreads” we will be hosting over the coming year using open access publications as the basis for engaging public symposia and debate.

Lasting for three days, each “flashread” will engage a public readership in discussion about a contemporary theoretical text that addresses the most important issues of our time, from the perspective of the transnational feminist concerns of the editorial collective.

Participation is simple: Read the text and post responses to it to this tumblr via the submissions form. Or just follow along!

All responses are welcome, including images, text, sound, and video.

Looking forward to being in conversation with you about The Undercommons.